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Coconut Oil

Used as a lotion or cream. It is recommended to apply a small amount of oil on the body after showering, it will help keep the skin moisturized...

Tea Tree Oil

Antibacterial Reduces acne and dandruff Fungicide Hair Care Antiseptic

Black Seed (Kalonji) Soap

Black Seed Soap to cleanse, nourish and smooth skin. Gentle enough for even sensitive skin. - The soap is made of natural ingredients. -...

Cucumber Soap

- Give you refreshing, smooth and glowing skin. - It works efficiently to keep body safe from dehydration. - It is a natural moisturizer and...

Papaya Soap

- Bring shine and glow to your skin because of the vitamin E in the papaya. - Help to break up the dead skin cells to make your skin look...

Lavender Soap Transparent

- Stress Relief. - Treatment of Wrinkles. - Treatment of Eczema. - Reduction of tension can ease the beginning of breakouts.

Aloe Vera Soap

- Giving you a smooth soft skin. - Vitamin E enriches the soap and give it moisture-retaining properties. - Soap is Anti Bacterial and Anti...

Fleur's El Baraka Soap

Black Sesame Seed & Olive Oil Hair Nourishing & Fight Dryness Cleanses, Nourishes and Smoothens the Skin. Natural...

Fleur's Avacado & Papaya Soap

- Helps Make Skin Lighter - Enriched With Vitamins. Cleanses, Nourishes and Smoothens the Skin. Natural formulation of soap with Black...

Collagen Pure Peptides

WHY YOU NEED COLLAGEN ?  Hydrolyzed Collagen is the main vital structural protein and the most ample protein in human body. It is primarily...

Queen Bee Manuka Honey

Superb value Active 12 + Manuka Honey 340 g Deliciously sweet and creamy and a very pleasant tasting than normal Manuka Honey –  Good...