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Moringa Mix

Moringa mix is made from naturally-dried moringa leaves mix with honey. It is: 25% plant protein31% fibreA rich source of iron, vitamin A &...

Queen Bee Manuka Honey

- 263+ MGO  - Monofloral - Product of New Zealand Superb value Active 12 + Manuka Honey 500 g Deliciously sweet and creamy and a...

Avoca Multi Treatment

a mixture comprised of the avocado fruit, moringa leaf and olive leaf. This unique mixture has multiple medical benefits in which the largest...

Royal Honey For Her

For a distinguished feminine look with exceptional vitality. For an instant energy. To enjoy sexual activity Improves skin...
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Royal Honey VIP Original

Royal Honey VIP is here for you; a mixture of excellent natural treatments with rare and very effective extracts that help with many diseases,...
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Cholesterol | Rambutan Mix...

£26.99 £29.99 -10%
Protects your heart and enhances blood circulation by improving your blood lipid cholesterol and triglycerides profile. Food supplement to...