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Constipation | Dragon Fruit Mix (With Honey)

Constipation | Dragon Fruit Mix (With Honey)

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Dragon Fruit Mix  is a natural remedy for constipation. These simple lifestyle modifications can also help in dealing with constipation :

  • Exercise regularly
  • Keep proper intervals between meals. Do not eat when not hungry.
  • Chew the food nicely before swallowing it. This helps the food to digest completely and faster.
  • Make a habit of daily bowel evacuation early morning.
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Dragon Fruit Mix

Regulate gastric secretion and digestion

This fruit has many names called the fruit of the dragon and is called the queen of the night and the evening lady, because its fruits bloom at night,

It is a self-pollinating, fast-growing, large-sized elliptical red-colored exterior with protrusions and either white or red from the inside contains many small seeds black color sweet taste.

Native America Central America and then spread and flourished in the Asian regions, the need for warm climate, which helps in the growth.

What the dragon contains ?

  • Contains 1 gram of fiber per 100 grams of this dried fruit 

    So it is considered one of the best fruits recommended by people suffering from constipation and irregular bowel movement.

  • Contains a high concentration of vitamin C 

    Since the human body does not store this vitamin, we need to eat vegetables and fruits that contain this vitamin and the fruit of the dragon contains a high concentration of this vitamin, which is used as a dietary supplement is very necessary for human health as it helps to grow and renew cells in the body and helps heal wounds ..
  • Contains vitamin B1 "thiamine" 

    This vitamin is very important for many vital functions, where it generates a lot of energy, and carbohydrates necessary for metabolism in the body.

    And the decrease in the human body leads to complications that may constitute a serious risk to the nervous system, brain, muscle, heart, stomach and intestines.
  •  Contains vitamin B3 "niacin" 

    The containment of the dragon fruit on vitamin B3 makes it an ideal fruit as it works to enhance the appearance of the skin, and helps to moisturize.
  • Contains vitamin B-12 "Cobalamine" 

    It is important for the normal functioning of the brain and nervous system. Dragon fruit can be considered a natural stimulant of the body, containing vitamin B12, to help people who lack appetite, in a way that increases their appetite for food.
  • High metal content 

    It contains a high proportion of calcium and phosphorus where phosphorus and calcium are metabolically linked and have many functions common as the growth and composition of the bones and the basic functions of phosphorus is that it enters the building of bones and teeth and it is an important element of all the tissues working in the body in conjunction with calcium, where they feed the nervous system and help On hair growth and revitalization of the body.

Dragons help in

  • Constipation

    1. Helps to treat constipation

    2. Helps regulate the secretions of the stomach and intestines to regulate digestion

    3. Helps rid the body of infections and bacteria properly and safely

    4. Helps to eliminate cramps and colic pain

    5. Helps remove bulges, intestinal flashes and headaches

    6. Helps to facilitate the process of release to give comfort without diarrhea or loss of fluids
  • Helps control the body's glucose levels

    It is recommended to take this fruit by patients with type 2 diabetes "is a chronic disorder that affects the body's ability to metabolize glucose, which is the main source of energy for the body, causing hyperglycemia in the blood, the second type of diabetes in adults and affects the Children with the availability of the factor of obesity, so that work to reduce the consumption of insulin needed by the body of these patients
  • Taking it reduces the risk of high blood pressure

    Hypertension is one of the most common modern diseases related to cardiovascular diseases and kidneys. Dragons work to normalize high blood pressure levels in the body, and are recommended to be treated by people at high risk for high blood pressure.
  • Relieve respiratory diseases

    This fruit helps relieve cough, asthma and respiratory diseases.
  • Works to neutralize toxic substances in the body

    The fruit of the dragon shrinks from the effects of toxic substances and heavy metals such as copper and zinc, which are good for the body, but in small proportions, so that their accumulation causes serious diseases and their danger comes through bioaccumulation within the human body faster than dissolution through metabolism or output.
  • Improve eyesight  because it contains Carotene
  • Helps to lose weight

    The weight can be reduced and maintained by eating this fruit.


  • Dragon  fruit powder.
  • Pure and pure honey.
  • (E202) Certified food preservative.


  • Each package contains 30 envelopes.

Usage precautions 

  • Do not eat the dragon fruit mixture during pregnancy and lactation.
  • General tips for people with constipation.
Dragon Fruit Mix

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