Slimming Wheat Germ Mix

Slimming Wheat Germ Mix

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For weight loss & Slimming without rebound
Increases cell energy to burn fat
Wheat germ is the reproductive part of the seed which promotes growth.It is one of the most nutritional products available. Infact wheat germ contains more than 20 nutrients & has more nutrients per ounce than any other vegetable or grain

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wheat germ 

Wheat embryo is rich in many nutrients prepared during the process of processing wheat grain for grinding white flour, and this fetus is about 2-3% of wheat seed, wheat germ of the highest health 10 food, where contains a lot of balanced food as a good source For vitamins and lots of healthy minerals and fats.

Nutrient value of wheat germ 

  • Calories 

    The wheat embryo is rich in energy, with two tablespoons of wheat germ containing 50 calories.

  • Protein 

    The wheat germ contains 3.8 grams, representing 8 percent of the daily protein requirement.
  • Vitamins 

    Wheat germ is very rich in vitamin B complex.

  • Metals 

    Copper, iron and zinc contains a wheat germ on many minerals such as calcium, magnesium and phosphorus.

  • Fiber 

    The two large tablespoons of wheat germ contain 50 calories.
  • Antioxidants 

    Two tablespoons of wheat germ provide about 8% of the daily fiber requirement and contain dissolved and insoluble fiber.

Benefits of healthy wheat germ

  • Benefits of wheat germ for the digestive system 

    The wheat germ contains a lot of fiber that works to transport nutrients in the digestive system. In other words, the fiber helps you to go to the toilet very often. This helps you get rid of the harmful substances that make up the digestive system periodically, such as toxins and harmful bacteria.

  • Benefits of wheat germ to lose weight 

    The wheat germ also keeps the body metabolized, which makes the metabolism faster and thus burns more calories and thus less weight. Vitamin B5, which is found in the wheat germ, also helps to produce energy in the body. More calories. It is therefore considered one of the best foods that can be included in dieting systems.

  • Benefits of wheat germ for malnutrition 

     Wheat germ is one of the most nutritionally nutritious foods, stuffed with many vitamins, minerals, proteins and other essential nutrients for the body. This makes wheat germ positive for Third World countries suffering from malnutrition.

  • Benefits of wheat germ for immunity 

     All nutrients in the wheat germ, especially vitamin E and B, help fight all kinds of diseases, including cancer. Consult your doctor now about adding some of the wheat germ to your diet. Who knows, you may add to your life years.
  • Benefits of wheat germ for muscle mites 

     The wheat germ rich in fatty alcohol works to resist muscle atrophy and other muscular problems. So bodybuilders can enter the wheat germ into their diet.

  • Benefits of wheat germ for skin and hair 

    Vitamin E also works to combat aging and maintain the softness and freshness of the skin. Some of them can be added to yogurt to be used to moisturize the skin and get rid of dark circles in some skin areas. Thiamine is very important in maintaining the health and strength of hair. Thiamine is also very important in growth. Skin and bones.

How to use 

  • Eat one envelope in the morning after breakfast for half an hour and take a second envelope before bedtime.

  • The envelope may take two minutes to dissolve with water.

Usage precautions

  • Prefer not to take the product during pregnancy and lactation.
Slimming Wheat Germ Mix

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