Easy Slim 36 Capsules

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Appetite Suppressant
Speeds up Metabolism
Increases Energy
100% Natural
No Diarrhea, No Headache, No Oil excretions
No Ephedra, No Melamine


Take 1 capsule with 2 glasses of water every morning at least 30 minutes before breakfast

Bamboo Shoots
– Decreases the accumulation and/or assimilation of fats
– Helps body facilitate bowel movement

Lotus Leaf
– Lowers body’s cholesterol level
– It is used to treat poor digestion
– Accelerates the natural body burning system

Semen Coicis 
– Cures gastrointestinal problems and has appropriate properties for the extraction of body fat, elimination of toxicity, and clearing heat.
– Ability of lowering the body lipids

Taragon Leaf
– Treats digestive problems
– Helps body get rid of impurities and toxicities that could increase the chances of obesity

– Adding a certain amount of konjac or other soluble fiber in normal diet, prevents obesity and gently loses excess fats.


Miss Margaret Egbufor ogundipe

The best weightloss ever,as now I'm 46,I'm giving advice, when you take the appetite suppressant, use it for a month, stop and use another appetite suppressant or above slim,or magrimony super diet or magrim super power,because when it gets to 4 weeks you might not feel the effect again,so as I've been taken these weight loss from my 20s,take easy slim ooh any other that works for you for 2 to 3 weeks or 4 maximum, then 2 or 3 week or 4,use a different appetite suppressant, that will make you loose more weight, because due to experience, when you take the brand for 4 weeks,you will start noticing, or feel it no longer working, it seems the has gone use to it,but after 3 weeks on easyour slim,use another weight for 2weeks,then after the on easy slim, substitute with lida,or ab slim or magrim, this on works, when go back on easy slim, ithe like the first you took the pill,as saying I'm buying easyslim and ab together,so when i take a break, I carRyan on with ab slim,they all work,just buy different appetite suppressant, so the 2 or 3 week or 4the, some people body is different, some people after 3 or 4 weeks they don't notice any more weight, just change to another suppressant, and you will loose a lot of weight, I've been in this journey with appetite suppressant, like tenuate dosepam, duromine, phertamine, lida,so for easy slim is affordable prices the best for me and ab slim

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